Collection of summer and spring in the heart of fashion in Istanbul

Collection of summer and spring
Collection of summer and spring

We may prepare our closet for fall, however the Turkish mold scene is prepared and prepared to show the most recent accumulations for spring and summer.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul is set to go today at Zorlu Performance Arts Center with the investment of driving on-screen characters and green planners of Turkish design.

The best design occasion of the year will commence with the show of DB Berdan by Deniz Berdan and will proceed with Spring/Summer 2019 accumulations by Başak Cankeş, Ceren Ocak, Çiğdem Akin, Giray Sepin, Gökhan Yavaş, Gülçin Çengel, Mehmet Korkmaz, Mehtap Elaidi, Meltem Özbek, Ani Datukishvili, Mert Erkan, Kadir Kiliç, Murat Aytulum, Eda Güngör, Özlem Süer, Raşit Bağzibağli, Selen Akyüz, Sezgi Tüzel, Nihan Buruk, Şebnem Günay, Şiyar Akboğa, Gökay Gündoğdu, Tuğçe Özocak, Tuba Ergin and Ece Kavran.

In the twelfth period of Istanbul Fashion Week, youthful and gifted originators will likewise have an opportunity to excel on the runway. Selen Akyüz and Sezgi Tüzel will show their accumulation at the KARMA 1 appear, while Tuğçe Özocak’s image Third will make its presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul at the KARMA 2 appear.

Mercedes-Benz will likewise back a menswear line without precedent for its history in Istanbul and put on the Brand Who’s most recent accumulation under the title “Mercedes-Benz presents Brand Who.” Georgian originator Ani Datukishvili, whose star has been sparkling splendidly as of late, will likewise show the most recent gathering with the help of Mercedes-Benz.


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