15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim


At a celebrity-obsessed civilization, us everyday men and women really like to know everything there is to learn about our beloved Hollywood celebrities, from their everyday diets and beauty rituals, for their present dating lifestyle as well as religious affiliations. Should you ever thought about if your loved ones celebs were Muslim, then we have got the subject covered — check out our listing of 15 actors you did not understand were Muslim!

15. Ellen Burstyn

This exceptionally gifted performer is a veteran in Hollywood property: 84 year-old Ellen Burstyn, that makes a sudden look on our Muslim Celebrities list. The”Requiem for a Dream” celebrity was really raised a Catholic, but chose to change faiths and converted to Islam later in life, after years of analyzing the sacred books. The sophisticated celebrity, who converted to Islam in her thirties, was motivated by her Sufi Muslim teacher Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, who taught her what about the Muslim religion and afterwards even gave the celebrity an Arabic title: Hadiya, meaning’the person who guides’.

14. Akon

The 44 year old singer / rapper seldom shares something personal about his life. Akon’s title is really Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam and he had been born in the united states, he’d spend the vast majority of his youth in Senegal, just to return to the States before making his debut on the music scene. The rapper has said that he’s ever been practicing the Muslim religion, though certain critics have raised their eyebrows in his announcements, considering a number of their artist’s racier songs movies.

13. Dr. Oz

Who has not heard of Dr. Oz? The know-it-all (from the bestest feel ) TV character appears to be educated on all medical topics. And in the event that you ever thought about if Dr. Oz is really his real name, then the solution is YES, the charismatic star, beneath his entire title Mehmet Cengiz Oz, is really of Turkish-American roots with an extremely diverse household — his mother’s side is quite secular, although his dad’s side is quite spiritual. Even though Dr. Oz grew up with a strong spiritual influence from his father, he identifies his faith as”a mystical form of Islam, closely linked to Sufism.”

12. Iman

This magnificent supermodel of the gold age (when versions weren’t made on Instagram) is of Somali tradition. The statuesque beauty has been created under the title Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (in which Iman really means’religion’ in Arabic), as the daughter of diplomat dad. Iman was increased in Somalia along with her four sisters and her grandparents were those who gave a Muslim-focused schooling. Despite the fact that the beauty after wed David Bowie back in 1992, she never changed her religion and was quoted stating:”Getting married didn’t convert me by a Muslim to a Christian.”

11. Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is among many artists of the hip hop music genre which adheres to the Muslim religion. The 45 year old artists, that also functions as a music producer and as a performer, received plenty of Grammy nominations throughout his lengthy career for his distinctive work — while Busta does appreciate fame, he states that the 1 thing in his life which gives him inspiration and strength is his own religion. In his words:”I live my life by Islam and in the close of the afternoon I believe that is pretty much exactly what grounds me”

10. Cat Stevens

Acclaimed British singer-songwriter Cat Stevens surprised everybody when he converted to Islam back in 1978 — but few really know the story that caused his choice. In his younger years, Cat seen Morocco, in which he fell in love with the call . Following his trip, the artist has been quoted stating:”I believed, songs for God? I had never heard this before — I had heard of audio for cash, music for popularity, music for individual energy, but songs for God!” . A couple of decades later, following a near-death knowledge in Malibu, the artist felt touched by’divine intervention’ — which chose him to set out on a soul searching journey which finally resulted in his conversion to Islam.

9. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chapelle isn’t merely concerning the laughs — the funniest comic / actress certainly has a severe side; so severe in fact he seldom if ever talks about it. Back in 1998, the charismatic actor who stones on”Comedy Central” converted into Islam, but he avoided the subject of his religion in his interviews several times. Also, but David’s spiritual beliefs are not the subject of dialogue in his phase skits. A couple of decades ago, the now 43 year old celebrity explained why the subject of his religion isn’t up for conversation:”I do not normally talk about my religion publicly because I do not want people to associate me and my flaws with this gorgeous thing. And I feel it’s amazing if you find it the ideal way.”

8. Aasif Mandvi

You loved him on”The Daily Show” and on”Funny or ” and nowadays, you are able to watch him at”Halal at the Family” — we are talking about 51 year-old Aasif Mandvi, who describes himself as’a cultural Muslim’. Contrary to other comedians who seldom speak about their religious affiliations, Aaasif, who’s of Indian-American source, always simplifies the subjects of stereotypes and Islamophobia in their own displays. Apart from his humorous skits and looks on comedy shows, the gifted comic is also dedicated to his broad array of charity projects — back in 2010, the celebrity hosted on the”Stand Up to Religious Freedom” humor event to help raise money for the base.

7. Zayn Malik

This adolescent heartthrob is well known for his amazing vocal ability as far as he’s famed for his incredibly great looks. Nowadays, he could be seen alongside magnificent girlfriend of Dutch-Palestinian-American source or delighting his fans with fresh singles and looks. You guessed, we are talking about One Management’s former celebrity Zayn Malik, who was raised a Muslim. While many criticize the artist for not practicing a Muslim way of life, the singer defends himself, saying:”I feel your faith ought to be between you and whomever your perception is in. I really don’t think you need to stick in people’s faces”

6. Shaquille O’Neal

You may not have anticipated it, but he’s here on our Muslim Celebrities record — we are talking about no besides basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal! The ultra-talented celebrity, that steps no less than a whopping 7’1″ in height, talked about his spiritual beliefs in a couple of interviews, even mentioning that he had been getting ready for a visit to Haji in Saudi Arabia (where all of non-Muslims are banned from penetrating ) back in 2010. Shaquiulle also includes a distinctive center name: Rashaun, that stands for’small warrior’ in Arabic.

5. Janet Jackson

There are many surprising facts in regards to pop star Janet Jackson — she had her first child at age 50 and second, she explains as a Muslim, like her brother Jermaine. In her younger years, Janet proudly rocked her sex symbol status, finish with racy looks as well as racier stage outfits — but that did not stop the star from turning to Islam after she married her now estranged billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. After she left the transition involving a Muslim way of life, Janet also picked for tamer lyrics in addition to more small outfits and she was frequently spotted wearing clothes like the traditional hijab.

4. Shohreh Aghdashloo

This Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominated star of Iranian origin is still another gifted stunner who identifies as Muslim. The 65 year-old celebrity, who appeared in”House of Sand” and”Fog”, received acclaim from the USA just in her fifties, after launching a movie and stage career in her native Iran. Since the winner of this Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the HBO miniseries”House of Saddam”, Shohreh has always been quite vocal about hating events and knowingly preventing any roles that portray Muslims in a negative light.

3. Nazanin Boniadi

You may have seen her at”Homeland”, where she plays the use of a wise and sexy CIA analyst and you may also have seen her at the 2008’s”Iron Man”. We are speaking about celebrity Nazanin Boniadi, who won both Emmy and Golden Globe awards at the Drama TV Series class for her acting abilities. The Iranian born British-American celebrity was a Scientologist, after her mother’s beliefs. More, the now-37 year old beauty had a short connection with Tom Cruise, right ahead of the celebrity wed Katie Holmes. Later on, Nazanin abandoned the church and also made a return to her origins — and nowadays, she describes as a”non-practising Muslim”.

2. Mahershala Ali

Actor and rapper Mahershala Ali is just another celeb on the record who converted to Islam in his childhood. The actor, who’s a part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has an intriguing story after describing his religious epiphany that happened while seeing a mosque. In his words:”I only had this strong response in which this prayer is resonating within my entire body, and I am, like, crying. I woke up a week after, and I get up and I go,’I gotta go to the mosque.’ Long story short, I transformed that afternoon ”

1. Bella Hadid

Sister and she Gigi are just two of the very in-demand versions of this moment. When you think of the mixed heritage and stunning mother, you can know precisely why. Bella has established her whole career on her great looks and absolutely proportionate hourglass figure, and clearly has not been shy sporting ultra-sexy outfits, that explains the reason why many were amazed to learn the beauty contrasts with the Muslim civilization. This past year, the stunner was quoted stating, with regard to her dad Mohamed Hadid:”He was always spiritual, and he constantly prayed with us. I’m proud to become a Muslim”


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