15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Fake Teeth


Perfect locks, sun-kissed skins and stunning, flawless smiles — we are referring to the normal portrait of all Hollywood A-listers. But few people recognize that in more instances than not, these ideal smiles are consequences of complex cosmetic dental procedures, intended to change these not-so-pearly-whites into glistening camera-ready dentures. However, who visited with the dentist’s office, you inquire? Keep reading and discover out!

15. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Her olive skin tone and her sparkly eyes were constantly stunning and rightfully so — but if it came into her famous grin, the chances weren’t just in her favor. Gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones not just chosen for faultless-looking veneers, however, the dental processes completely transformed her appearance and caused by her sex symbol status. New grin, new profession! And, seemingly, Catherine did not pay a visit to the physician’s office — her charismatic hubby joined her to be able to elevate his grin too (and he left it on our listing below!) .

14. Miley Cyrus

Speaking about makeovers (or makeunders, based on how you view it), this second superstar made a massive turn a couple of decades back when she awakened her candy’Hannah Montana’ picture (and the majority of her clothing too ) to get a far racier, neater appearance, finish with tongue-out selfies and brassy leotards on point. With the new appearance came the brand new teeth too: brighter, shinier and much more Hollywood-ready. Though some may consider her new picture an update, we can not help but adore the singer’s adorable and relatable appearance from a couple of decades ago a bit more than her present one.

13. Nicholas Cage

This’Leaving Las Vegas’ celebrity has an wonderful career — and he is so completely devoted to his profession, so he really had two teeth pulled out so as to get into character for his 1984 film’Birdie’. While he did not base his livelihood solely on his visionary appearances, Nicholas Cage did not miss the element of his bodily appearance and finally opted for a set of glistening and crispy white veneers. When you believe that much younger hotties like Jessica Biel happen to be casted as his love interest, it appears that his bought grin has served him .

12. Hilary Duff

This singer/actress stunner is famous for her all-American woman looks, catchy songs, intoxicatingly bubbly personality, blonde locks and stunning smile. But few understand the mom-of-one’s grin has not always looked the exact same manner. The official story: that the pop feeling chipped a tooth in a performance on stage, then picked for a better grin (cough, porcelain veneers( cough) so as to repair her small issue. The resultsmuch brighter, much thinner, thicker and more teeth which gave the celebrity new raised mesmerizing powers. What are your ideas on Hilary’s transformation: Makeover or even makeunder?

11. Zac Efron

Producing the ideal picture in Hollywood property isn’t a simple job, particularly if said picture ought to easily take you in the adorable Disney celebrity to one of the hunkiest celebrities around. Perfectly sculpted muscles seldom proceed with a slightly dorky grin complete with a tooth gap… or, that is at least this second adolescent heartthrob believed when he chose to stop by the dentist’s office. Though some may agree that his tooth gap, in addition to his subtly wonky teeth attracted a great deal of character to his differently textbook handsome looks, others adore the new and enhanced Zac and his pair of absolutely sculpted pearly whites.

10. LeAnn Rimes

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is still another celeb that combined the veneer team a couple of years back. After she paired up using Eddie Cibirian after a mega magnificent intimate scandal, the singer took a vast selection of steps to change her appearance from A to Z: by losing a few pounds and attaining a super toned body into a brand-new, sassier apparel… and a fresh pair of pearly whites, all prepared for your flashlights. The celebrity’s veneers are fairly evident, particularly in comparison with her older photographs which reveal a cute, regular, average grin.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

If it comes to A-listers from the football world, looks are just as important as skills (hello, David Beckham! And here is another uber-fit celebrity of the football world who knew that to be able to date each of the versions (hello, Irina Shayk!) , plucked eyebrows, absolutely shaved face, perfectly tanned, luminous skin and sharp white dentures are just equally as crucial as a faultless set of muscles that are defined. Ronaldo went through a significant transformation since his younger days, when he was able to rock not just off-white teeth, but also bleached highlights.

8. Michael Douglas

The same as his gorgeous wife previously, Michael Douglas could not withstand the perfect look of porcelain veneers and picked for his own pair of pristine teeth but unlike the majority of the stars on our list, that dedicated to undergoing cosmetic dental procedures at the start of their careers, this’Fatal Attraction’ celebrity uttered his normal pair of teeth for a couple decades before eventually succumbing to the pressure and moving the crispy-white, glistening and glowing path. Andwell, we would have to concur: Michael still seems dashing in his age with his brand-new smile!

7. Blake Lively

She’d the sparkly eyesshe always had the endless legs along with also the model-like figure, complete with gold locks and plump skin but what Blake Lively surely did not possess a couple of years ago was the conventional immaculate Hollywood grin. Nowadays, Blake loves staying along with the match of her Hollywood career, with characters in thrillers such as’The Shallows’,” while also enjoying parenthood with husband Ryan Reynolds. And she does this while maximizing the stunning effects of her decorative processes: with a large grin on her face!

6. Nial Horan

From jagged teeth in yellow colors and out of overbite to tooth openings, there’s an extensive selection of less-than-perfect tooth problems which are in desperate need of this’star treatment’. This young heartthrob definitely did not look exactly the same prior to hitting his mega popstar standing he rocks. We are referring to Nial Horan, the blonde-haired cutie from 1 Direction. Ages past, the now-23-year-old Nial sported significantly less than ideal dentures, and not simply according to Hollywood standards. Nowadays, Nial is rocking an ideal set of teeth, complete with a brand-new hairstyle and look.

5. Emma Roberts

From cute kid star into a high profile celebrity in her own right — we are referring to Emma Roberts, who went through a makeover a couple of years ago, when she picked to get a brand-new pair of teeth. Immaculately whitened, as glowing as pearls and absolutely right — pretty much the perfect recipe for a memorable Hollywood smile, prepared to get the cameras, both the little and the large screens. The pretty actress also ditched her organic strawberry blond locks for gold waves to coincide with her new glam makeover. What do you think: Why was her dental cosmetic process a hit?

4. Celine Dion

Here is another star on the list who could possess a gigantically successful livelihood even with less than perfect teeth (and that is solely as a result of her unbelievable gift ): Celine Dion! The Canadian-born singer does not elect for hot leotards and fishnets to catch the viewer whilst on point, but she could not resist with flawless Hollywood-ready dentures. The singer was clearly not born with her present million dollar grin — in actuality, she ditched the celeb-favorite veneer alternative and picked for crowns so as to repair her jagged teeth.

3. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s livelihood and box-office track record speak for themselves. And even though Morgan’s profession relies on pure ability (and on his distinctively amazing and calming voice) rather than on superficial details, the actor could not withstand the temptation of bettering his bodily look to Hollywood glam degrees. The wake: Morgan chosen for a new pair of dentures a couple of decades ago that completely altered his charming grin — from somewhat jagged and uneven teeth at a yellow color to, you figured, Hollywood’s best pearly white grin, complete with directly and teeth.

2. Lindsay Lohan

From wavy red locks to freezing blonde hair, from curvy molds into a ultra-skinny figure and out of light skin with freckles to extreme tans, Lidsay Lohan has been through a vast assortment of bodily transformations. If a couple of decades ago, the distressed actress was showing her off off-white teeth, nowadays, Lindsay is wearing brand-new dentures at the whitest color of white while outside in events or on pap walks. And she appears to be looking much fitter and happier with all the recently added glow and stunning smile!

1. Megan Fox

From somewhat jagged yet cute teeth to Hollywood’s trademark grin: absolutely right, pearly white and glowing -we are referring to aside from Megan Fox, who made a decision to present her teeth a makeover prior to getting a celebrity from the 2000’s. The stunning brunette actressfamous for her sultry blue eyes and pouty lips continues to be pairing her sun-kissed skin using the whitest dentures onto the red carpet (and turning heads in the procedure ), displaying her fresh appearance ever because 2009. Nowadays, the mom-of-three is not as preoccupied with appearing glam and much more into mother style, but her grin is surely that of a legitimate celebrity.


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